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#SavetheSENATE: Operation Vote Techie!


Dear colleagues,

By now, you may have heard the predictions about the Senate being all but lost next Tuesday, Nov. 4th.  But the fact is…there are more Democrats than Republicans.  And if people of color and women vote…the Senate stays Blue!

What’s at stake, you might ask, in these elections —particularly for people of color and women in the science, tech, energy sectors?  Well first of all, STEM funding$$$.

While STEM funding should be totally bipartisan, the fact of the matter is that the Republican controlled House of Reps have slashed spending on programs that support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  With Congress entirely controlled by Republicans, even more STEM funds are likely to get the ax.

Next, the President announced an ambitious goal to create 1 million new STEM pros by 2022.  If the Senate turns Red, we are likely to see more barriers set up to achieving his goal, and thus less high-skilled workers, innovators fuel the economy.

Finally…can you spell D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.  Republicans hire (and sadly help) less people of color and women.  If Dems such as Mary Landreiu, Kay Hagan, and Mark Warner win, then the people of color and women working for them are likely to keep their jobs, more of us are likely to get hired, and those of us who are outside of DC are more likely to get calls answered, emails returned, and resources needed to…innovate.

So, what’s next?

Would you like to personally take action to save the Senate?  Want to get involved locally with the Anthony Brown for Maryland Governor race, or the Karl Racine for DC Attorney General Campaign? Do you want to spend the weekend meeting new people, making contacts that can lead to future employment opportunities?

If YES is your answer to any of these questions, below are several ways you can get involved to Rock the Vote.

Let’s work now so we can celebrate on Election Night!

Talib I. Karim, Talib@TECRelations.com

#SavetheSENATE, #Brown4MD, #Racine4DC


Dems vs. Republicans

Save the Senate: Volunteer in Battle Ground States                          NC, LA, GA, AR, VA

Interested in making contacts with Democratic Senators, Senate candidates, and their staff?  If so, email your name, number, email address, and state you wish to work to talib@tecrelations.com by 3pm Friday.  Also indicate if you have a car or willing to carpool.


Talib-Anthony Brown

Help Anthony Brown Make History as Maryland’s Next Governor: Donate, Join Friday Call, Work the Polls…select option best for you

Option 1: Tech Leaders National Conference Call to Support Anthony Brown

When: Friday, October 31, 2014, 12:00 PM until 12:30 PM

Background: Join leaders from the science, tech and Howard University communities for an intimate conversation with supporters of Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown‎.  This call is being held to raise funds to support the #Brown2014 history-making campaign for Governor.‎

Dial In Number: 605-562-3000 (access code 830899#)


Host: $4,000 * Co-Host: $2,000 * Sponsor $1,000 * Guest $500 * Friend: $250

More Info: please contact: Tina Fletcher at (240)667-2321 or tinafletcher@anthonybrown.com

Disclosures: Individuals, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies may contribute up to $4,000 to a Maryland non-federal campaign account during each four year election cycle (Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2014). Contributions to political campaigns are not tax deductible. By Authority: Friends of Anthony Brown, Gerard Boden, Treasurer. Friends of Ken Ulman, Jeff Davis, Treasurer

Option 2: Work the Polls for #Brown2014

Do you want to earn some pocket money between now through the end of the elections while helping Anthony Brown become the next governor?  Get out the Vote (GOTV) workers are needed from Sunday, November 1st- Tuesday, November 4th.  Must be prepared to work at least three shifts.

To Sign Up: Email your Full Name (Including Middle Name), Address, Birth Date, email, and phone number to talib@tecrelations by 3pm Friday.


Work Polls, Help for Karl Racine Become DC’s First Elected Attorney General

Wanted: 10 good people to work the polls for Karl Racine

When: Tuesday, November 4th, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Where: Assignments given upon signing up, must pick up supplies at Racine HQ, on Sunday between 12pm and 8pm

Signup Deadline: Friday, 3pm (email name, number to talib@tecrelations.com)


 BowserRacineSilvermanAre you Undecided DC Voter: Bowser, Racine, Bonds, Silverman   Top DC Muslim Caucus Slate of Endorsements; Bowser, Racine, Get Unanimous Vote in Poll

For Full Slate, Reasons: http://www.dcmuslimcaucus.org/election-press-release/